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Caledonian Sales can arrange for products to be shipped to any convenient port (and subsequent port). We can also arrange custom's clearance and delivery to a customer's premises.

Our proud boast is that we can source any customer request - CHALLENGE US AND WE WILL DELIVER!!

The types of products which we currently shipping into the UK are as follows:- Printed tins for confectionery and bakery goods and ginger for inclusion in all types of food manufacture.

We can supply printed tins at excellent prices and meet customer expectations. All we require is a sample tin or film proof and let us do the rest.

We are currently sourcing our tins from a state-of-the-art factory in China. They can produce all type of tin containers and aluminium products.

  • §  Range of tins offered - square, rectangular, oval, cylinder and barrel.
  • §  Tin thickness typically 0.22mm - 0.25mm.
  • §  Typical finish: white + 4 prints + glossy varnish on lid and body, bottom with black printing, inside with gold lacquer
  • §  Embossing can be included in lid and body
  • §  Hinged lids, handles, knobs and money slots are available also.
  • §  Recent specialities:- CD cases with plastic insert and 3-D front cover

Our first tin customer basically began by accident. On making a visit to discuss flavour requirements at a confectionery customer a request was mentioned pertaining to the possiblity of a tin supply from China.
We checked out various tin suppliers in China and settled on one who had offered good prices.Once a proof was supplied by the latter and accepted by the customer then a 20 foot container was ordered. At this point Caledonian personnel visited the factory to witness the first production taking place to ensure quality was satisfactory. Once the completed order was delivered to the UK customer the latter was so delighted that he immediately order two 40 foot containers each holding 40,000 tins!

Stem Ginger - various processed types -B.R.C.,ISO,HACCP& KOSHER standards in place


These are also produced in China in a very modern factory. The factory has recently obtained Kosher and HACCP certification. At the same time they are implementing ISO 9002. The products range from diced crystallised ginger, stem ginger, ginger in syrup and raw ginger. Organic ginger is now available 

Office Components

  • Desk Accessories, 
  • Asian/Ethnic products and Collectables

    • Furniture

      • leather sofas, 
      • glass tables, 
      • ultra modern styles.



Giftware items

  • CD racks, 
  • Personal storage items and Packaging Design

Industrial products

  • cellophanes, 
  • plywood, 
  • electric batteries,
  • electric cycles, 
  • printed tins, 
  • glassware,
  • cherry pickers, 
  • oxygen plants, 
  • asphalt-laying equipment, 
  • scaffolding, 
  • mobile phones.




  • Quality Assurance, 
  • Cookware, 
  • brushes and cosmetic items

Contact us to discuss your needs we can Import, Export Many items including garden furniture, Food addatives, Household items to name a few.

We are located at:

Caledonian Sales

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G32 6AF

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